Perforated & Mesh Balustrade

Below are Some of our Perforated Balustrade Designs


Please view our designs.  Remember they are simple to personalise to suit your style.

We also custom make to order so if you have a design of your own or there is something you have seen, we are more than happy to assist you.





THIS PAGE IS BEING UPDATED.  There are more of our stylish and impressive designs coming soon. 

"Perforated Balustrade" 

"Perforated Balustrade" is a balustrade system with holes punched into sheet metal, generally aluminium but it can also be stainless steel or steel.  The holes can be round but can also be in other shapes.  They can be arranged in different patterns.  The perforation size and density can be adjusted to suit the amount of privacy required.  This balustrade can either be top mounted onto the balcony or mounted on the side to conceal the balcony slab. It can be supplied with or without a handrail.  There are various handrails to choose from.

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