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Powder Coated, Anodised & Galvanised Balustrade

Below are Some of our Balustrade Designs

  • Powder Coated

  • Galvanised

We offer powder coated, galvanised or zinc electroplated (recommended) and combined stainless steel with powder coated balustrade.

There is a vast range of colours available from standard colours to pearls, kinetics, hammer tones, metallics and even Core10.  To do this properly the galvanised, zinc electroplated or combined stainless steel with powder coat must be sandblasted [class 1], epoxy primed then a topcoat of powder coat applied.



Currently there is a growing trend towards galvanised industrial style balustrade.  Hot dip galvanising is a process by which steel is placed into a hot molten bath of zinc.  With the heat of the bath the grain of the steel opens, bonding the zinc deep into the surface of the material.  The galvanised finish is self-sacrificial however it is extremely durable and has an extremely long life.

Galvanising can be powder coated if done correctly however, it is not really recommended as it is self-sacrificial.  With powder coat we recommend zinc electroplating.


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